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Welcome to Relworx Payments API. This API enables you to integrate online payments into your internet business. Our developer friendly API gives you access to mobile money in Uganda on MTN / Airtel networks and Kenya Safaricom MPESA, where you can request or send payments to valid mobile money subscribers.

Getting Started

Please follow the steps below to setup your account with Relworx and start receiving or sending payments;

  1. Sign Up. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address for email verification. Simply click on confirmation link sent in email to complete sign up.

  2. Sign In to your dashboard where you can perform several actions to manage your account. Here you can create business accounts, manage your API keys.

  3. Create a business account. You can create a business account for your business, organization, branch or any entity on whose behalf you wish to start receiving or sending payments.

  4. Generate your API Key. API keys are used to authenticate your API requests. Generate your API key and store it safely.